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Is legacy retail IT holding you back?

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Problem with Retail

In this era of customer experience, e-Commerce would continue be the preference for product discovery and purchase. Offline retail will have to transform themselves.

But retailers are currently hostage of their own legacy IT.
Their current IT systems are


Can't Adapt to Business Needs

Not Connected

Built on Old Technologies

Out-of-the-box SaaS products or bespoke solutions are NOT the answer either


Doesn’t fit into all business scenarios
Too expensive to scale up
Not available on-premise

Custom Development

Too slow to develop
Too expensive upfront
Too unreliable in quality

How did we solve it?

In last 4 years we divided all retail processes into small components. Later we developed plug and play microservices - where one component supports just one business process.

For a new customer, we understand their business need via Design Sprint, we choose components that are already available, we identify what internal systems (SAP, Salesforce, e-Commerce etc.) needs to be integrated and what custom development would be required. We bring all of these together on a custom front-end (web app or mobile app).

All of this happens within a few weeks.

Our Retail components

We have developed a highly scalable and customisable retail microservices ecosystem that can be used across various sales channels and retail processes.

Speed is our value proposition

Since we use most of our existing microservices and components, we are able to deliver new retail apps very fast. No one has been able to match our speed to market.

Our work

We have created an app portfolio for retail which can be fully customised for a retailer within a couple of weeks and can be launched as a whitelabeled product.

Customer App

We created a mobile commerce app which can be reused to create a whitelabel app of your brand. Customer could discover new products, chat with sales associates, buy a product, reserve it in-store and also do a self-checkout directly on their phones.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty app allows customers to scan QR codes in-store and get on-the-spot discounts. It is a great way for retailers to capture customer data and understand what they are interested it. The data can be used to created personalised offers.

Sales App

This app can be used by in-store sales associate - to provide real time information of the products to customer, to capture customer data and create them as leads in CRM and also to checkout in-store customer directly through their mobile without queuing.


This is an iPad POS app that is used in-store. It connects to e-Commerce, ERP, OMS, CRM etc. to fetch real time information on inventory, orders and customers. It supports both click and collect and buy in-store; deliver at home.

Warehouse App

This app is for warehouse personnel to do Goods-In, Goods-Out and Transfer goods. It connects with Logistics partners to get real time information on order delivery status and push the information back to customer app.


Data Analytics in retail is very important to make right decision. We give a 360 degree view of traffic for both online shop and stores, sales on each channel, best selling items, best selling sales people, which channel sells more at what time of the day etc. All this in one place.

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